Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I hate flying! I remember when it used to be fun, you even got 'dressed up' to fly. And now they want to not only to charge you for your luggage, but when I asked if I could change my seat to an 'exit row', they said certainly, $39 please. (More leg room.) Every flight (4) back and forth from Tampa to Sacramento was packed. The only food was for sale and was ice cold. Every overhead bin was full and people were fighting for space. And you still ask why I chose to travel cross-country in my own movable home-on-wheels? Now you know!

But once I arrived, I had a fabulous visit. It was so nice to see my oldest and spend some quality time with him. It's been too long since we had time to just sit and talk with each other. I met my grandpuppy, Macy, and had so much fun with Tobin's girlfriend, Courtney, and her extended family.

We spent one full day in San Francisco and had perfect weather. I love this city - if only I would win the lottery, it would be where I would choose to live. We took the boat out to Alcatraz and had a really interesting tour of the old prison. Plus the view of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge is just breathe-taking from there. And of course, I just had to stop at Britex Fabrics and purchase a few pieces of delicious woolens that were begging to be made into a new coat & shirt.

On Christmas Eve we drove up to McCloud, CA. It's on the CA/OR border and directly under Mt. Shasta. This is the town where Courtney's parents are from, and where the relatives still gather - over 40 of them. We had a great 4-bedroom house for just our group and I enjoyed not cooking for the first time in years. From rack of lamb on the grill to deep fried turkey, plus every side dish imaginable, delicious cookies and homemade fudge, we ate, talked, and ate some more. As you can see, there was lots of snow on the mountain, but thankfully, none on the roads.

Tobin and I returned to Sacramento Saturday afternoon as we both had early flights Sunday morning. I to return to Tampa, and he to meet up with his brother and friends in Chicago for the annual Bears/Viking's game on Monday night. If you happened to catch the game, the good guys (da Bears) beat The Purple People Eaters and Mr. Farve in overtime!

It's now Wednesday and I'm back to work. My body-clock it totally screwed-up and I want to put my head on my desk and take a nap. The ladies are in the pool doing water aerobics (it's 62 degrees, sunny, and the pool temp is 87). The park is filled with lots of new RV's and life is back to 'normal.' In 2 weeks I head back to Tampa to attend the mega RV show for 3 days. It will be fun to see and tour all the new models.

I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a happy & prosperous New Year!

Until next time....take care of each other.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Holidays

It's that time of year - to decorate your RV, enjoy holiday music blasting from every store speaker (since before Halloween), and envision snowflakes falling.

Though the snowflakes hopefully will not be seen, even in the northern parts of Florida, the temps are not warm - well, maybe in comparison to those of you in MN! We have had a few nights in the high 30's and today we won't get above 47 with clouds and rain. So don't envy me too much. This ain't Miami! We do have some crazy ladies who insist in doing water aerobics every day, no matter the outside temp, just as long as the pool remains the 86 degrees it's set to.

I'm getting excited about my trip to CA to visit with my oldest and his girlfriend in Sacramento. And no, Winnie, with her Christmas decorations, will stay in FL and this time I will hop a plane in Tampa and fly westward for a week. I've been told we are going to travel up to McCloud, CA, which is on the CA/OR border and 'under' Mt. Shasta. Snow is almost a given. T even said he wanted to take me snowmobiling. I tried to remind him that the only clothes I have with me are the ones I took to St. Kitts. That mean's shorts and flip flops - which aren't conducive to snow or cold! I have one pair of jeans and 1 sweatshirt, no winter coat or hat & mittens. I think I'll sit by the fireplace, inside, and let the rest enjoy the winter sports!

Life at Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort is in full holiday-mode. I helped decorate the clubhouse while the guys spent 2 days 'lighting' the outside. It's very festive! We have our gift exchange next week and of course, little elves keep leaving cookies and home-made fudge and peanut brittle on my desk. Saturday a group of us are going to St. Andrews Marina to be part of the holiday light boat parade. All the fishing boats, sail & power boats, and the large Betsy Ann Riverboat will be strung with 1000's of lights and 'parade' down the coastline. The Betsy Ann is open to the public to ride along. It should be fun!

I and the rest of the work/campers are already thinking about summer and where we would like spend the warmer months. I am seriously considering an offer to summer on the southern coast of Oregon. Take a look and tell me what you think. (http://www.turtlerockresorts.com) The RV resort is located right on the beach and since I have never been to this part of the country, it fit's the bill of where and why I am living this transient lifestyle. The only drawback is the 3000 mile cross-country drive to get there. But if anyone out there would like to 'hop on board' and ride along for a few miles, give me a holler!

Until next time, take care of each other....

And a very blessed Christmas and joyous New Year!