Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom

Monday, April 27, 2015


So everyone has asked "what are you taking in your 2 tiny bags?" So I thought I would take a picture for 'show 'n tell' and  tell you what I'm taking.
Looking at the rows starting from left to right and working from bottom to top ...

Row 1 - 2 green oblong bags contain undies and socks and scarves, etc. Larger black rectangle contains all of my clothes! T-shirts, pants, tights, skirt, dress, sweater, fleece. Small black square is electronic equipment - cords, plugs, earphones, etc. Black bag just above is makeup for purse.

Row 2 - Journal that was a gift from my son and his beautiful wife. Mini atlas 
 and  guide book. Sandals, Bernie Mec dress shoes, and the black bag is my toiletries (my traveling bathroom/medicine cabinet )

Row 3 - Little black square bag is 'stuff'. Like duct tape, batteries, portable clothes line.  Little red bag is my jewelry. Bigger red bag is a Bagalino cross-body purse for everyday use . 1 pair of flip flops to use as house slippers and in strange bathrooms.  And my iPad in its Zagg keyboard case - my link to the outside world.

Row 4 - Little blue case has blow-up pillow, eye mask and ear plugs for use on the plane. Little green bag is just some extra stuff and will probably be combined into another bag.

And that everything!  I'm wearing my tennis shoes and all of this will go into my 19" roller carry-on suitcase and smallish backpack. Traveling long means traveling lite!  And remember - there are stores everywhere - so if I don't have it or need to replace it - not a problem!


I thought this date (Friday, May 1st) would ever come.  I've thought, and dreamed and planned for so long that now that it's just 4 days away, I'm so excited I can hardly sleep!  

My big 'estate sale,' conducted by the team of Babe & Snooks, went extremely well and put enough money in my 'travel kitty' to spend a few more days on-the-road.  My storage locker is stuffed with too much stuff that I felt I just couldn't sell, but will give me some things to come home to when and if I return.

Seeing  my apartment totally empty was weird.  It again looks just as it did when I moved in 2 1/2 years ago.  It was also really weird to realize at that moment I was homeless - literally - for the next 10 days.  But that's when it's wonderful to have friends.  My good friend Ana, who runs a big non-profit out in LaSalle and lives on a much bigger farm in Morris, also has a fabulous condo in the West Loop as her 'city home.'  She very graciously offered me it's use until I fly away, and I very graciously said YES!!! 

I am having so much fun wandering around exploring this part of downtown.  It's the area where Oprah built Harpo- her TV studios.  This area was originallly the  meat packing district, but with Oprah  came restaurants, shops and the developement of deserted warehouses into luxurious condos.  Now Goggle has taken up residence in one of the old buildings and the CTA has even built a Orange Line stop just to service this growing part of town.  

I spent my last Sunday (yesterday) with one of my favorite Meet-Up groups, The Windy City Walkers.  They wander through a different area of the city and nearby burbs each weekend with a knowledgeable guide sharing the history of the area.  This Sunday was the infamous Gold Coast - the Near North area of Chicago that was home (and still is) of the city's most wealthy citizens.  The weather was perfect, the lake a beautiful sky-blue and the stately old masions still stand proud.  

For the rest of my time in Chicago I am being treated by friends to lunch and dinner every single day and night until I depart.  I will literally waddle my way to O'Hare on Friday afternoon to catch my flight to Athens.  

So this is my official farewell to Chicago.  The next time I write to you will be from Greece!!!  I have made quite a few contacts there already who are helping me with my 'what-to-see-and-do' itinerary.  I'm staying the first 3 nights in a hostel which has a roof-top bar that overlooks the Acropolis!   Wonder what the kids this think of this gray-haired traveler in the midst?  I can't wait to find out.

Until next time......here's one last look at the skyline of what I think is the best and most beautiful city in these United States!