Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I moved to The South to avoid the grueling winters that I had endured in Minnesota and Chicago and what do I get when I arrived in Raleigh - 6" of snow and then sleet on top of that! And of course, the city does not begin to have to removal equipment to handle such a Big Storm. They closed the airport and schools have been closed for 3 days and the side roads are still a mess. It's really funny looking at it as a Midwesterner. Six inches would be nothing 'up North.'

Oh well....here I sit in the living room of my son's home waiting to move back to Wilmington on the 16th of the month. Winnie is in storage and I still haven't decided what I will do this coming summer.

With job offers in Oregon and Michigan, both 5-month stints, I do have options. But maybe I'll stay put and wait and head further South in October. We'll just have to wait and see.

Right now I am so BORED! Watching way too much TV and reading an average of 3 books a week. It would have been great if my best friend, who lives in Durham, was home. But she's off exploring Mexico for 2 months. Oh well - just 2 more weeks. Have already gotten the basics set up - trash, electric, water, cable - ready to turn or install when I arrive. Had my property manager do a 'walk-thru' of the house last week to make sure the renters, who were not happy, were not destroying the place. But she says it looks really nice and well-cared for - so that's certainly a 'good thing.'

I miss the road. Imiss working. I miss meeting the new folks who come into a RV park on a daily basis. I miss getting out and seeing parts of this country I have never seen. I guess that sounds like I won't be 'home' for long. Will keep you posted.

Until next time...take care of each other.


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  1. Hi ReAnn..so glad to see you on your blog again..even tho you're not traveling these days. Snow in the south is a downer but hopefully it won't last as long as it does up here. We are due for a huge snowstorm today. .. 3 to 5 inches with blowing and drifting to come later. Hope you find your house all in place and okay when you go back in a couple of weeks. If not..you'll have something to keep you busy while you decide what to do about the summer months. Keep us posted :)